Trails are at 800m over sea level, so the temperatures will be perfect in October.


Long Trail (5.5km) with 75m elevation. The Trail is composed by 3 segments.
Segment 1: 2 km on grass field with large and technical turns.

Segment 2: Passing through a bridge the trail enters in the golf club and in the forest. This is the most technical part, with almost all elevation for 1.4km with hills and dowhills. Most technical part is composed by 2 downhills and a hill with 25% of elevation in 300m (this part can be changed by weather problems) than you go out from golf club with a long downhill to the second part in the forest (600-800m).

Segment 3: another grass field with technical and smooyh turns will guide you to the straight part to the finish line.

 SHORT TRAIL (Canicross Adult, Junior and Young)

Short Trail (2.4km) with 25m elevation. After 400m in the grass field you enter in the long trail track for 500m, than you come back to the grass field until the finish line.


1,4km trail, with 20m elevation. First part is the same of Short Trail, than you go out from the forest near the Parking and to the last part in the grass field to the finish line. 

Trail Tracks

Long Track Trail (Canicross, Bikejoring e Scooter) - in RED

Short Track Trail Breve Distanza (Canicross adults, juniors and Young boys/girls) - in White

Short Track for Relay Trail and School Boys/Girls Trail - in Green

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